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  • Anjappar – 500g Horse Gram

    2,49  7% VAT

    About the product

    Horse gram has its very own, slightly tart taste and is very popular because of its high protein content. It contains a lot of fiber, vitamins, iron and calcium and is the ideal accompaniment to hearty dishes or stews. Horse gram has been used for several centuries, especially in southern India, and tastes particularly delicious in typical Indian curry dishes.

  • Ecolife – Bio 500g Kichererbsen

    2,79  7% VAT

    The chickpea plays an important role in Indian and oriental cuisine because it absorbs spice aromas particularly well and harmonises with many ingredients. The nutty-buttery aroma gives dishes the typically exotic note. After cooking, the chickpeas are wonderfully soft and fluffy. When pureed, it becomes irresistibly creamy and can be processed into hummus or falafel. This versatile legume also impresses with its high fiber, protein and calcium content.

  • Ecolife – Organic 500g Chickpeas

    2,29  7% VAT

    About the product


    The chickpea plays an important role in Indian and Oriental cuisine, as it absorbs spicy aromas particularly well and goes well with many ingredients. The nutty-buttery aroma gives dishes that typically exotic note. After cooking, the chickpea is wonderfully soft and fluffy. Pureed it becomes irresistibly creamy and can be processed into hummus or falafel. This versatile ingredient also impresses with its high content of fiber, protein and calcium.

  • Ecolife – Organic 500g Red Lentil Split

    2,79  7% VAT

    About the product


    Dal is probably the most popular vegetarian dish in India and is characterized by the typical red lentils. The fine, nutty flavour of this lentil variety brings that special note to the dish. Red lentils also go well with salads and soups as well as fish, meat and vegetable dishes. The red lentil, which gets its typical colour from peeling, also adds colour to the dish. It is considered particularly easy to digest and can be prepared quickly.

  • Kings – 300g Roasted Chickpeas (unsalted)

    2,99  7% VAT

    About the product

    Roasted chickpeas are a tasty and healthy snack in between. Of course, they can also be added to various dishes while cooking.

  • Schani – 1kg Black-eyed Peas (Lobiya)

    3,14  7% VAT

    Schani’s Black-Eyed Beans are an excellent source of vegetarian protein! They are grown in optimum conditions and sustainably sourced to retain a high value of nutrition. The creamy-flavoured so-called ‘black eyed peas’ will rock any of your dishes!

    – 100% natural black eyed beans

    – Creamy-flavoured & smooth-textured

    – Nutrient-dense source of vegetarian protein

    – Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

    – Sustainably sourced

    Taste, Texture & Colour: Our black-eyed beans are small, beige coloured, creamy-flavoured beans with a black scar that gives them the ‘black-eyed’ look. They have a smooth texture and pea like taste, yet not as sweet.

    Nourishing & Stimulating: Our black-eyed peas are a rich source of fibre that is also packed with protein, low in fats and sugar: the perfect weight loss food! They also contain important vitamins and minerals, making them a nutrient-dense superfood! Packed with iron, they are even said to help combat anemia. Small but excellent!

    Versatile Usage: Our black-eyed beans are a versatile gourmet addition with an optimum satiety level. That is because black-eyed beans are a fibre-rich protein source perfect for vegan and vegetarian diets – stews or hearty meals such as vegan shepherd’s pie. In Indian cuisine, the black-eyed beans saucy tomato based curry with rice is a hit. But you could also add them to salads, or have them the mexican way with some spicy rice and guacamole. The options are endless and sumptuous!

    Storage: Store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark spot in the pantry.

    Nutritional Values per 100 g

    • Energy/Calories: 1405kJ/366kcal
    • Fat: 1.26g
    • of which saturates: 0g
    • Carbohydrates: 60.3g
    • of which sugars: 0g
    • Fiber: 10.6g
    • Protein: 23.5g
    • Salt: 0g
  • Schani – 1kg Green halved Mung Beans (Moong Split Chilka)

    3,32  7% VAT

    About the product


    This legume is a bean with a soft texture. Like other legumes, the green mung bean is low in fat, easy to digest and rich in protein and fiber.

  • Schani – 1kg Green Lentils

    3,08  7% VAT

    About the product

    These small, green speckled lentils are a nutty-tasting delicacy and are characterized by their spicy taste. They are firm and therefore do not disintegrate when cooking.

  • Schani – 1kg Masoor Dal Red Lentils

    3,49  7% VAT

    About the product


    Our Schani Red Lentils are the quintessential homely food you want to come back to after a tiring day. It is the Indian ingredient for traditional main and side dishes likewise.

    – 100% authentic, Indian red lentils

    – Enjoy their mild, subtly sweet flavour

    – Great source of proteins, vitamins & minerals

    – Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

    Versatile Usage: Red lentils are officially the coolest legumes! They are popping everywhere – from gluten-free pastas, chips, to patties and dips and in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisines. They have a very soft texture when cooked, and an incredibly tasty addition to your stews, soups, curries or salads. The possibilities are seemingly endless!

    Short Cooking Time: When it comes to preparation, our red lentils cook in no time and are also the most delicious among all the lentils! With an instant pot it takes 10 minutes, with slow vessel cooking 30-40, with a pressure cooker two whistles!

    Please note: wash and rinse the lentils prior cooking.

    Storage: Like any dried bean, red lentils should be kept in an airtight, dry container in the pantry or another cool, dark spot.

  • Schani – 1kg Red Kidney Beans (Rajma)

    4,28  7% VAT

    Red Kidney beans are popular with young and old because of their typical, chestnut-like taste and their pleasantly soft and floury consistency.

  • Schani – 1kg Split Urad Beans (Chilka)

    3,14  7% VAT

    About the product


    These split beans are cooked like any other lentil or bean and are full of protein and healthy fiber. It is a widely used and popular legume used throughout India to make dhal or soups.

  • Schani – 1kg Toor Dal Plain (Toor Lentils peeled)

    3,69  7% VAT

    About the product

    Schani brings to you the famous Toor Dal, also called yellow pigeon peas –  the most consumed dal of India! Why most consumed? Because they are so, so tasty. Healthy and rustic pulses evoking the sense of home in a dish!

    Whether it is the famous North Indian dal tadka, irresistible gujarati khichdi dal rice mix or the South Indian sambar vegetable stew: toor dal is used across the country because of its aroma, taste and quick cooking.