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Wheat Flour

  • Anjappar – 500g Lapsi Coarse

    1,88  7% VAT

    Lapsi is also known as broken wheat and is made by coarsely grinding whole raw wheat kernels. It can be eaten as muesli, added to salads, or used in savory recipes like Upma or Namkeen Dalia. The Lapsi dessert, which is very popular in India, is also made with broken wheat.

  • Daawat – 10 kg Chakki Atta

    17,98  7% VAT

    This chakki atta from Daawat is a whole grain wheat flour that is a rich source of natural nutrients and iron and is therefore considered to be particularly healthy. It is an important ingredient in Indian cuisine and is ideal for preparing traditional Indian flatbreads such as roti, naan or chapati.

  • Heer – 10 kg Chakki Atta Premium 100%

    16,98  7% VAT

    Heer Chakki Atta is produced in the Malwa region in Madhya Pradesh, India, which is known as an ideal wheat growing area. The harvested wheat is ground and processed using the latest and optimized agricultural machinery. Thanks to the special Chakki process, all natural nutrients are preserved. Heer Chakki Atta is processed in a clean and hygienic atmosphere that is highly appreciated. Particular attention is paid to the softest and tastiest rotis.

  • RS – 1kg Lapsi Flour (Fada)

    2,88  7% VAT

    Lapsi Fada flour is also known as “cracked wheat” and is made from raw, crushed wheat grains. It is a valuable baking ingredient that is considered particularly nutritious and wholesome. Lapsi Fada flour can be used to prepare authentic Gujarati dishes.