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Milk Products

  • Nestle – 397g Condensed Milk

    2,59  7% VAT

    Condensed milk is cow’s milk from which the water has been extracted (approx. 60%). It is added to coffee or tea worldwide, but is also suitable as an ingredient in various desserts.

  • Nestle – 400g Milo

    6,59  7% VAT

    Ground barley is one of the key substances that give Milo powder its unique taste. The powder is rich in carbohydrates (including starch and maltose), the preferred source of strength for brain and muscle tissue. Milo contains 6 essential vitamins and minerals and is combined with milk to make it a nutritious drink for active children.

  • Nestle – 400g Nestomalt Powder

    4,89  7% VAT

    Nestomalt is a unique product from Sri Lanka that has been a popular there since 1964. It is Sri Lanka’s most popular brand of malted foods. Nestomalt provides power, strength and energy from the goodness of malt, vitamin B and the essential nutrients of milk.