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Jam & Pulp

  • Kissan – 200g Mango Jam

    2,59  7% VAT

    Kissan mango jam is made from real Alphonso mango and tastes delicious as a spread, with roti, paratha or dosa. It is easy to spread and carefully sealed in impermeable glass packaging to preserve the best taste of the product.

  • Mitchell’s – 800g Canned Sarson ka Saag

    2,28  7% VAT

    Mitchell’s ready-to-eat mustard leaf puree provides a quick fix for Saag’s traditional taste. Enjoy the rich Punjabi delicacy whenever you want and treat yourself to this exotic pleasure with bread or rice.

  • Schani – 2.55kg Peeled Tomatoes

    4,28  7% VAT

    Schani’s Peeled Tomatoes are picked, peeled and canned on the same day to retain their natural flavour and freshness. You will instantly notice their juicy yet firm texture and rich flavour!

    – 100% natural, canned tomatoes

    – Only carefully selected, ripe tomatoes

    – Perfect for sauces, curries & stir-fries

    – Juicy source of antioxidants & vitamins

    – No preservatives or added colours

  • Schani – 450g Alphonso Mango Puree

    2,29  7% VAT

    Alphonso mangoes are called the kings of mangoes for a reason! With this 100% natural mango pulp made from the most succulent and juiciest fruits you enjoy the sweet flavour of the famous Alphonso mango – all year long!

    – 100% natural mango pulp

    – Made from high-quality Alphonso mangoes

    – Harvested from select orchards

    – Relish their rich taste & satin-like texture

    – Juicy source of vitamins & antioxidants

    – No added sugar, colours or preservatives

  • TRS – 850g Alphonso Mango Pulp

    4,59  7% VAT

    This mango pulp consists of 100% pure Alphonso mangoes. It is a smooth and sweet pulp, both creamy and viscous. It can be used in many recipes like cocktails, fruit lassis or even in desserts.